Residential Home Rentals


We are a small tenant focused residential home rental firm. Our company direction of unique completely remodeled family properties in desirable locations offers qualified tenants the advantage of quality, cleanliness, privacy and spacious living quarters.

We primarily have extended term leases that adhere to strict requirements that protect our properties from abuse and neglect. Our standards for occupancy are high, and we reciprocate with prompt, thorough and attentive responses to all situations that impact our properties and our tenant's residency.

Several of our homes include a variety of amenities such as covered parking, window treatments, appliances, landscaping and fenced yards. It is our goal to maintain the property to a premium level of condition and in doing so service and retain our select tenants for long term occupancy of the property.

We can be contacted during daylight working hours by telephone at (903) 720-8884.

120 Samuel Street 306 River Oaks 352 Reeves Lane
819 Pinegrove Drive 1555 FM 134 6400 FM2208
13919 Hwy. 49

703 N. Owens


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